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2021 #

  • I have been invited to renew my term as an Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. Evolutionary Computation in 2022. Be humbled to serve our best journal in the evolutionary computation community. Dec 27
  • Our paper “Distributed UAV Swarm Formation and Collision Avoidance Strategies Over Fixed and Switching Topologies” is accepted to IEEE Trans. Cybernetics. Congratulations to Jia! Nov 24
  • I am proud to be recognized in the Top 2% Scientists Worldwide in a latest study from Stanford University. Oct 28

  • We are pleased to announce that our collaborative bid with Dr Hao Wang at Leiden University has been funded by Europe Network Fund 2021-22. Looking forward to have many exciting collaboration therein! Oct 20

  • We are pleased to announce that our collaborative bid with UTS in Australia has been funded by Royal Society under the International Exchange scheme. Looking forward to have many exciting collaboration therein! Oct 7

  • Our paper “Posterior Decision-Making Based on Decomposition-Driven Knee Point Identification” is accepted to IEEE Trans. Evolutionary Computation. Congratulations to Haifeng! Sep 15

  • It is honored to join Alan Turing Institute as a Alan Turing Fellow. I am looking forward new exciting opportunities in this UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. Sep 3

  • Collaborating with some colleagues, we have established a new theme focused on Trustworthy AI in Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Exeter. We are exciting to promote many follow-up activates associated with this theme in due course. Sep 1

  • After four days intensive talks from our prestigious speakers, we are pleased to announce that our first IEEE CIS Summer School on Data-Driven Artificial/Computational Intelligence is successfully finished. Related materials will be released in due course after the permission from our speakers and IEEE. Sep 1

  • Our paper “Neural Architecture Search for Portrait Parsing” is accepted to IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and Learning Systems. Congratulations to our fantastic collaborators! Aug 11

  • We have four papers accepted by IEEE SMC 2021. Congratulations to Renzhi, Phoenix and Jiangjiao! Aug 4

  • One proposal get funded by Hong Kong GRF. Congratulations to Prof. Kay Chen Tan and looking forward to working with you soon. Aug 1

  • Our paper on “Transfer Learning Based Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm Framework for Bi-level Optimization” is accepted to IEEE Trans. Evolutionary Computation. Congratulations to Lei and collaborators! Jun 30

  • I have been identified as 2% top scientists in the world across all disciplines from a report published by Stanford University. At the moment, I am ranked around #3200 in the AI subfield worldwide. Jun 20

  • We are pleased to announce that we will host a summer school on Data-Driven Artificial/Computational Intelligence: Theory and Applications this August. This summer school is kindly supported by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. Jun 17

  • We are pleased to announce that Heng has successfully secured his PhD studentship from both CSC and Exeter. He will start his PhD journal in our lab since this autumn. Jun 3

  • We are pleased to announce that Peili has successfully secured his studentship and will start his PhD journal since this autumn. May 28

  • We are glad to announce that Maja Kaczmarek, a second year undergraduate student from the University of Manchester, has been awarded a REP studentship from SWBio DTP (only two in Exeter). We will work with Dr Yiliang Ding’s group from John Innes Centre on some exciting topics about RNA structure prediction. May 17

  • Proud to be one of three awardees in the UK to win an Amazon Research Awards 2020. Really appreciate the generous support from Amazon to carry on our interesting work on multi-task learning! Please see press news from [Amazon Science 1], [Amazon Science 2], [About Amazon Blog UK], [Exeter News], [Linkedin], [机器之心], [新智元], [AI科技评论]. Apr 29

  • Our paper “A Vector Angles-based Many-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Using Archive” is accepted to Applied Soft Computing. Congratulations to Lei! Apr 27

  • Our paper “Vertical Distance Based Clonal Selection Mechanism for Multi-objective Immune Algorithm” is accepted to Swarm and Evolutionary Computation. Congratulations to Lingjie! Apr 14

  • Our paper on empirical study of various control mechanisms in interactive evolutionary multi-objective optimization is accepted to IEEE CEC 2021. Congratulations to Guiyu! Apr 6

  • It is grateful to receive an unrestricted gift from Amazon Research Awards for multi-task learning semantic feature from various injections to test Web application firewalls. Thanks for Amazon’s generous support! Mar 24

  • After a wonderful three-year journey of founding and serving as the Chair of the IEEE Task Force 12 on Decomposition-based Techniques in Evolutionary Computation, I have stepped down as a Vice Chair since this year. It is my pleasure to witness the growing up of our community and a wider range of engagements worldwide. My colleague Prof. Bilel Derbel kindly takes up the new Chair position and will promote the activities further. Mar 4

  • I have been invited to renew my role as an Associate Editor for the prestigious IEEE Trans. Evol. Comput., the flagship journal in artificial/computational Intelligence. Jan 3