Welcome to COLA Laboratory #

Computational Optimization for Learning and Adaptive Systems (COLA) laboratory is working in computational/artificial intelligence, multi-objective optimization and decision-making, operational research, machine learning and statistical modeling of complex systems. Applications focus on search-based software engineering, energy, biological science and medicine.

We are constantly looking for talented and passionate people to join our lab. Please refer to vacancies for potential opportunities.

Recent News (Year 2022) #

  • COLA-Lab is hiring!!! We have multiple fully funded PhD studentships available for September 2023 entry. Detailed information can be found from here. December 1

  • My UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship renewal has been approved as a prima facie case, i.e., without any further interview justification. There will be an additional three-year funding started from May 2023. Really appreciated the generous support from UKRI in the past nearly four years. Look forward to create a new research programme and fight for its future in the coming years. December 1

  • Our paper on “MTLP-JR: Multi-Task Learning-Based Prediction for Joint Ranking in Neural Architecture Search” has been accepted to Computers & Electrical Engineering. Congratulations to Bo and collaborators! December 1

  • We have three papers accepted to the NeurIPS Workshop on Gaussian Processes, Spatiotemporal Modeling, and Decision-making Systems. Congratulations to Renzhi, Peili and Jiangjiao, very well done! October 14

  • I am proud to be recognized in the Top 2% Scientists Worldwide in a latest study from Stanford University. This is my third consecutive year to be recognized in this list. October 13

  • Our paper on “Efficient Spectral Graph Convolutional Network Deployment on Memristive Crossbars” has been accepted to IEEE Trans. Emerg. Topics Comput. Congratulations to Bo and collaborators! September 29

  • The 12th International Conference Series on Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization (EMO 2023) is calling for papers. The deadline is November 30 October 12, 2022. This is biannual event for all EMO researchers and this time it will be on March 2023 in Leiden, the Netherlands. September 12 September 22

  • Our lab has been a bit slient for the last three months since I have been busy with a preparation of my project interview. Finger crossed and hope it will be secured at the end! September 5

  • We have two papers get accepted to PPSN 2022. One is about a new angle look into the use of constant violation in constrained evolutionary multi-objective optimization and the other is about adversarial attack instance generation in natural language process. Congratulations to Shuang and Shasha! June 6
  • We are going to organize a Exeter-Leiden Symposium on Data Driven Modeling and Optimization on June 6. Relevant information can be found here. It is running fully online and we are looking forward seeing you there. May 28

  • We are glad to announce a fully funded opportunity for undergraduate student(s) in the UK who are interested in experiencing a research placement at Exeter. The project is outlined in here and the proposed start date is 1st July, 2022. May 25

  • It is my great honor to be promoted as an IEEE Senior Member, which is an honor bestowed only to those who have made significant contributions to the profession. May 2

  • We are pleased to announce that we will host a summer school on Data-Driven Artificial/Computational Intelligence: Theory and Applications this August/September. This summer school is kindly supported by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. We had a very successful one last year and hope to continue to prosperity this time and beyond May 1

  • We have two papers get accepted to GECCO 2022. Both of them are about adversarial attack for neural networks. Congratulations to Shasha and Phoenix! Mar 25

  • Our paper on “Batched Data-Driven Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Based on Manifold Interpolation” has been accepted to IEEE Trans. Evolutionary Computation. Congratulations to Renzhi! Mar 20

  • It is my great honor to join the Organization Committee of EMO 2023 as a Program Chair. We are looking forward to seeing you to join the biggest party in our EMO community in Leiden, the Netherlands! Mar 12

  • It is my great honor to participate the GREAT Talent campaign organized by the Cabinet Office. The story telling video is currently available online from here. Mar 1

  • Our tutorial proposal on decomposition evolutionary multi-objective optimization has been accepted in PPSN 2022! Congratulations and see you guys all in Dortmund! Feb 14
  • Our paper on “Preference based Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Microgrid System Optimization Problem in Smart Grid” has been accepted to Memetic Computing. Congratulations to Jiangjiao! Jan 4

Previous news can be found from our news archive.

Contact #

Dr. Ke Li
Department of Computer Science
Innovation Centre A1-D
University of Exeter
Streatham Campus, North Park Road
Exeter, EX4 4QF, UK
E-mail: k.li AT exeter.ac.uk
Tel: +(44) 0139-272-4557