Supplementary Materials #

This website maintains the supplementary materials related to the following paper:

Ke Li+, Renzhi Chen+, Xin Yao, “A Data-Driven Evolutionary Transfer Optimization for Expensive Problems in Dynamic Environments”, IEEE Trans. Evolutionary Computation, in press, 2023.

It consists of the following parts:

  • Appendix document of this paper can be found from our Dropbox link.
  • Examples of the dynamically changing fitness landscape of both the moving peak benchmark problems (left hand side) and the moving peak benchmark with Gaussian peaks (right hand side).
  • Illustrative examples of the dynamically rotating handwritten digital images collected from the MNIST dataset at different time steps.
We are keen on promoting reproducibility and transparency in scientific research. Since this manuscript is currently submitted for possible publication, the source codes used in our empirical study will be publicly available after its acceptance.