How to name your Overleaf project?

How to name your Overleaf project?

February 25, 2022
COLA rules

Overleaf is a collaborative cloud-based LaTeX editor used for writing, editing and publishing scientific documents. In COLA laboratory, we use the Overleaf as the centralized place to manage our manuscripts. In order to make the projects be managed in an organized manner, a project is usually named as A_B_C.

  • A: journal/conference name, e.g., TEVC/PPSN22
  • B: acronym of the algorithm, e.g., TBO2
  • C: first character of your name, e.g., RC

This comes up to be a typical example: TEVC_TBO2_RC.

Note that since the University of Exeter is a partner of Overleaf, you are free to use the professional version by using your university’s email account to register. There are some very cool function of using this professional version.

  • You can sync your project to either Dropbox or Github, though this is applicable for regular account. This is very useful when you find the online Overleaf version is kind of slow.
  • It is very cool to track the changes by turning Track changes on.
  • Try to get yourself comfortable with the comment function in Overleaf, so that we can address concerns in an interactive manner.
  • ……

There can be even more cool stuffs. I will amend this later when it comes down.